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Brow Boost

“Transform your face with healthier, fuller brows in as little as 30 days with Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost.”

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Hint of Tint

“If you add one thing to your make up look in 2015 make it a brow product!... use a tinted gel to fill in gaps and add definition.”

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“WOW I am really impressed with Billion Dollar Brows Products!”

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Universal Brow Pencil

“Finding the perfect colour for your brows can be tough so this is one pencil to rule them all - or at least suit us all.”

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“I've just been trialling a fab brow pencil from Billion Dollar Brows and its my new favourite.”

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“I've said it before but i'll keep saying it forever: brows are big! They are one of the most important features on our faces and yet so often go neglected. Enter Billion Dollar Brows, the converted Calafornian brow brand set to change that all in New Zealand. BDB has been shaping and sculpting celebrity and model brows for eight years and boasts a wide range of products”


Introducing Billion Dollar Brows

“The American company, based in Beverley Hills, known for shaping celebrity brows, has officially landed in NZ!”

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Best Sellers Kit

“We're all about the brows, they frame the windows of our souls after all.”


Billion Dollar Brows

“Billion Dollar Brows has cult status in Hollywood where they have been shaping brows for the last 8 years!”

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Brow Gel

“Fill in the gaps. As you get older, your brows become sparser, but some simple make-up tricks will disguise uneven or thining areas. Try Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel to hold brows in shape.”

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Brow Buddy

“Start, arch and end your brows with precison and ease”


“It's easy to keep your brows in Cara D condition with this brand that's new to Kiwi shores!”